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The Importance of Blogging

Through all the changes in digital media over the years, one statement has remained true: Content is King. With good content, your website will perform much better in search results, provide value for your visitors to return, and attract traffic from current and potential customers. An easy way to provide good content is by blogging. If done correctly, blogging can have a very positive effect on your business.

Here are 5 ways a blog on your website can benefit your business:

1. Attract new visitors. A blog article is a great way to attract new visitors to your website....

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Can an iPad Replace my Laptop as a Coder?

Ever since I've used an iPad (about four years now), I've had this nagging sense that I'm not using it to its full potential.  Sure it works great for reading books, and it's by far the best device to use to keep my kids entertained.  But me, as a coder and day-to-day Systems Admin, can an iPad really replace my laptop?  I decided to find out.

The first thing I noticed was I had to change my muscle memory.  Even for simple web browsing, my first reaction is always to reach for my trusty MacBook Pro.  Grabbing the iPad when...

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Taking Better Photos

It's easy to take photos. You literally push a button on your phone or digital camera and ta-da, you are a photographer. But lets say you want your photos to be better. How do you get there? Here are my tips on how to get better at taking photos.
1. Lighting - Start noticing the world around you. Look how the highlights and shadows look on a cloudy day and how they look on a sunny day. A big part of photography is lighting. Why? Because photographs are literally light traces on paper or a screen. So be intentional with...

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BRAND - Why it Matters and What it Means

Brands Matter

People feel a magical connection to the brands they love. When this happens on a large scale (NIKE, Apple, Coke, Google) it can totally reshape the world. When you get right down to it, a brand is an effort to distill a complex idea into a simple mark. Brands that matter do so because the ideas they distill are ones that resonate with people. The story they tell is one we want to tell ourselves. They connect our worldview with a product or service.

The cool part about this is that it’s kind of...

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How to Increase Social Media Engagement

So you’ve set up a Facebook Company Page or Twitter Account but they are as quiet as an anti-social mouse. Why aren’t people following or interacting with your page? Here are five easy steps to increase your social media engagement:

1. Be Active - Who wants to follow a company whose last status update was 3 years ago? Social media is all about timeliness and relevancy. If you don’t post frequently, you won’t gain the following or engagement you need to be successful. Set a posting schedule for what works best for your company or industry and make a goal to...

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Can Your IT Budget Be Zero?

Let's get the obvious out of the way, your IT budget will never be exactly zero (but if you're reading this, it was effective use of clickbait).  BUT, there is a chance that you can reduce your hardware and software costs to zero.  The way to do it is with a criminally underused section of software known as open source.  

While IT nerds such as myself have been using opensourced software for a long time, it has hardly made a scratch in the business world.  Other than the fact that Microsoft has such a strangle hold on business software,...

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Free Stock Photo Websites

Raise your hand if you've ever used an image found on Google. Raise your hand if you've ever spent a significant amount of time searching through Google's images to use for a design, post, power point, etc.

I hope to alleviate hours of searching for you. Below are free (always check the copyright) stock photo sites that I use when I'm in need of something specific.

1. Barn Images - Offers a variety of free images ranging from backgrounds to people. They do offer a premium membership which is pretty great also.

2. Unsplash - Is...

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An IT Guy's Thought's on Windows 10

I was very excited to upgrade to Windows 10.  Mostly only because I was growing bored of Windows 7.  From a guy who uses OS X at home 90% of the time, Windows 7, while a very strong operating system, just didn't measure up anymore.  I took the plunge shortly after Windows 10's release.  I've been mostly pleased with the results.  From install to usage, the one word I can use to describe Windows 10 is "smooth."

Of course, I do have the advantage of using a solid state drive (which if you can swing it, will give you a...

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