How to Increase Social Media Engagement

So you’ve set up a Facebook Company Page or Twitter Account but they are as quiet as an anti-social mouse. Why aren’t people following or interacting with your page? Here are five easy steps to increase your social media engagement:

1. Be Active - Who wants to follow a company whose last status update was 3 years ago? Social media is all about timeliness and relevancy. If you don’t post frequently, you won’t gain the following or engagement you need to be successful. Set a posting schedule for what works best for your company or industry and make a goal to post once a week or once a day.

2. Be Relevant - This may go without saying, but make sure what you are posting is relevant to your business or industry. A cute skateboarding kitten may be something you like, but it may not be the message you want to share with your audience. Examples of relevant posts are a recent project you’ve completed for a client, a current sales promotion or new product, or an interesting article that mentions your brand, industry or product.

3. Share Posts - You don’t always have to create original posts to increase engagement, sometimes a post you share is just as valuable as one you create. If content creation isn’t your thing, begin following the people or companies who live and breathe content and share their posts to your page. Also encouraging current clients to post to your page is very beneficial as it can serve as both a word-of-mouth referral for your company and quality content for your page.

4. Start a Conversation - Talk to your followers, not at them. Social media enables anyone in the world to start a conversation with you and your company instantly. Instead of a traditional advertising message of “Here is this, go buy this” try asking your fans open-ended questions like “What do you think of our most recent project” or “How would you like to have this for your own home”.

5. Promote Your Page - Let people know you are on Social Media. Include your Social Media icons on everything you do, including emails, handouts, catalogs, etc. Also, let clients and potential clients know that you are on social media and encourage them to follow your company especially if there is an incentive to follow such as special online savings or coupons.

Following these five easy steps will increase your social media engagement and put you on the path to creating relationships with current clients and gaining new customers.

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