The Importance of Blogging

Through all the changes in digital media over the years, one statement has remained true: Content is King. With good content, your website will perform much better in search results, provide value for your visitors to return, and attract traffic from current and potential customers. An easy way to provide good content is by blogging. If done correctly, blogging can have a very positive effect on your business.

Here are 5 ways a blog on your website can benefit your business:

1. Attract new visitors. A blog article is a great way to attract new visitors to your website. By sharing your blog article on social media channels, your ability and likelihood to attract new people to your website increases. For example, if you post your blog article on Facebook and someone shares the blog link to your website, then your potential website visitors and reach has increased greatly which will overall strengthen your website and not just your Facebook page.

2. Welcome repeat visitors. If you have a good blog that is updated frequently, current and potential customers will continue to come back to your website to see what’s new. However, don’t rely on people to automatically return to your blog, still promote your articles in any way you can in order to drive as much people to your website as possible. Examples of promotion include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also sharing your blog articles with others in your industry including publications can provide meaningful traffic to your website from outside sources.

 3. Increase time spent on website. While some websites have only the bare bones details - specs, prices, photos - there really isn’t much more for people to look at during their “research” stage of the buying cycle. By having blogs that talk about a product or service in depth or provide a helpful tip, your website has added value for your visitors and provided a reason for them to stay on your site. A good way to encourage “binge blogging” is by linking to other blog articles or by providing a “You may also like” section that directs your readers to another article.

4. Opportunity for sales. While both new and repeat visitors continue to visit your website, they will most likely see a new product you offer or a current promotion you are running in addition to that article. Also, by linking your blog to related pages on your website, you are creating a fluid experience for your visitors, which again increases their likelihood to spend more time on your site and buy a product or service you offer. For example, if you are reading a blog about the importance of blogging (ahem) you may wonder how to design or write a blog for your own website.

5. Provide content for Social Media. If you are having trouble coming up with content for your social media channels, your blog can “feed two birds with one piece of bread”. Your blog articles not only drive people to your website, but it is also common to post a blog multiple times. So if you’re having a social media block, you can reach into your blog archives and be set for the week!

Now go out there Mr. and Mrs. Blogger and start gaining traffic for your website. Happy blogging!

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